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MIND OVER MATH is an organization designed to help students to succeed in mathematics through homework help, personal tutoring, exam reviews and prep programs. We help students in late elementary school and throughout high school. We can also use our Personal Tutoring to help those in the early grades and those out of high school.

We sell tools for success. We help students get over the hurdle of mathematics and help them to see the beauty of the subject.”
– Kevin Downe, President of Mind Over Math Inc.


To keep you thinking, here's MOM's question of the week! ...

In a rectangular room with dimensions 30' by 12' by 12', a spider is located in the middle of one 12' by 12' wall one foot away from the ceiling. A fly is in the middle of the opposite wall one foot away from the floor. If the fly remains stationary, what is the shortest total distance the spider must crawl along the walls, ceiling, and floor in order to capture the fly?
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