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MIND OVER MATH is an organization designed to help students to succeed in mathematics through homework help, personal tutoring, exam reviews and prep programs. We help students in late elementary school and throughout high school. We can also use our Personal Tutoring to help those in the early grades and those out of high school.

We sell tools for success. We help students get over the hurdle of mathematics and help them to see the beauty of the subject.”
–President of Mind Over Math Inc.


WOW! What a great year! Thanks to all of our tutors this year, the teachers, the parents, but most of all our AMAZING STUDENTS! What a pleasure to help the students of this community with math.
This work/business is not always easy... but it is important to our students and very rewarding. Thank you all!

"J got 93% on Exam ... 91!% for a final mark. He would not have had these results if he were home on his own I'm sure! I'm sold on tutoring!" L.M.
"Thank you. He would of not have done well without you and your team." M.C.
"She has exceeded my expectations soo much. Thank you guys for everything!!" M.L.
"The math sessions are really helping him" N.L.
""Thanks for a great semester, we will be in touch next year. Your program out did my expectation" M.T.

We hope everyone has a safe, relaxing summer!
See you in September!
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