We tutor Grades 7 to University

MIND OVER MATH is an organization designed to help students to succeed in mathematics through homework help, personal tutoring, exam reviews and prep programs. We help students in late elementary school and throughout high school. We can also use our Personal Tutoring to help those in the early grades and those out of high school.

Mind Over Math was founded in 2003 by Kevin Downe as a service to help motivate students to want to learn math. The company quickly evolved into a fully functional learning centre with a variety of services to help students at different stages in their education. In 2007, Kevin was named Student Entrepreneur of the Year for all of Ontario and Quebec, in recognition of his 4 years in working as a full time business owner and a full time student.

Mind Over Math has a learning centre in downtown Orangeville.

We sell tools for success. We help students get over the hurdle of mathematics and help them to see the beauty of the subject.”
– Kevin Downe, President of Mind Over Math Inc.