You must provide us with sufficient notice (7pm the night before a session) if cancelling or rescheduling a session. Otherwise, you will be charged 100% of the session rate.  On the first occurrence, we will only charge half the session, provided you do call us.  You will always be charged 100% for a no-show (you did not leave us a message before the session time). Parents and students who cancel after 3pm on the same day of session will be charged 100% of the session rate.

Bad Roads/Weather-Related Cancellations:

Updated November 2019

Please note that we do NOT tie ourselves to the local school boards’ decision to close. They make their decision very early in the morning, and conditions have often changed considerably by late afternoon when most of our students attend our centre.

If we close due to weather, we will not charge your account for that evening. We will post closure information on the main page of our website by about 3:00 pm and will do our best to reach you by phone and/or email so that you do not arrive at a closed office. If we are open but you do not feel safe traveling on the roads to come in – you may cancel the session.

In Orangeville, if the police have closed one or more highways into Orangeville, or the public town busses are cancelled,  you may safely assume we will close.