We Deliver a High-Quality Service

We try to be as flexible as we can with scheduling and try to cater to any individual needs that a student may have. We will follow up with parents throughout the process to ensure that they are receiving the service that they expected and that our tutors are doing an excellent job.

We Provide Feedback After Every Session

A student or parent can log onto our website after every session to receive a message from the tutor with ways to improve, words of encouragement, or areas to concentrate on.  *****We are no longer able to add new comments to our website log in. At the end of each week, parents will be emailed comments from tutors to reflect the work from each session.

We Help Where It Matters Most

We tutor students for the topics that they are working on in class so as to help them improve their results.

We Focus All of Our Efforts On Math

We specialize in math so that we can offer tutoring and programs that are specially tailored to the Ontario math curriculum and so we can focus on bringing in math-specific tutors.

Our Tutors Are: Trained Well, Young, and Excited About Math

Our tutors are young and can relate easily to the students. They are elite math minds that bring a fresh approach to teaching and are excited about math. Most importantly, they demonstrate the patience required to work with students of all different levels.