“I used to think only dumb kids had to go to tutors. Now I understand that it is the smart kids who use them, and they get smarter the more they use them.”
-Jaime T, Student

“I went from a 44% last year to an 84% this year! ‘MIND OVER MATH’ has helped me an incredible amount and I am way ahead of the class. Until now, I never thought I could actually succeed in math.”
-Ally N, Student

“Mind Over Math is a sure cure for math phobia.”
-Marva T, Mother

“Since being in ‘Mind Over Math’ I have found that I understand math a lot more than I did before and my marks have gone up. It has really made a positive difference for me. It is great to work with Kevin Downe because he is interested in various sports and therefore is able to relate it to my favourite sport. If you want to succeed in math and have fun at the same time, ‘MIND OVER MATH’ is the key to your success.”
-Scott M, Student

“Mind Over Math was great. It really helped me improve my marks in math and physics. The student to tutor ratio is very good and allows the tutors time to help everyone when they need it. The tutors really seem to enjoy teaching math and are happy to help you if you have a problem. If asked, I would definitely recommend Mind Over Math to someone struggling with their math marks. ”
-Brian M, Student

“Mind over math was extremely beneficial to my children! Jaime is no longer afraid of it, and Rory actually grew to enjoy it. That was incredible. Way to go to you and your team! See you in the fall.”
-Susan G, Mother

“Hello Mind Over Math:

Well, you and your team did it. Math has gone from something to be endured to something that he looked forward to.

Alex went into his finals, comfortable and informed. He said there were a few things that he missed. Next math semester, the van will be on remote…we can’t thank you enough!!! His tutor challenged him, used humour, and got the mechanism of math through in an understandable fashion. Your other tutor filled the gap on days we needed additional flexibility, send him our thanks

I am telling everyone about you, and your team…..thank you for meeting such a huge need, at an affordable price. We look forward to working with you soon.”
-Wayne & Mary B, Parents

“Hi, this is Lindsey C. I took your calculus exam review. I amjust letting you know that my math mark increased from 66% to 76%!! I amvery pleased with your program, and I will recommend it to everyone! Thanksso much!”
-Lindsey C

“Good Evening Kevin;

We are extremely pleased with the quality and commitment behind your business and the approach you take. Our family appreciates it.

Here is a testimony from Bethany……..

‘Mind over Math is awesome. I’m in Grade 9 advance math and was a little worried that Iwouldn’t be able to keep up. Not only am I keeping up, but I’m getting a solid A in mathand feel very confident. Thanks to Mind Over Math and the tutors for helping me do my best.’”
-Neal G, Father

“Dear future students,

My son is taking grade 12 calculus. His teacher is terrific, but he has learned that 90 minutes of class time, learning something new every day, is simply not enough for a non-math student to excel in calculus. What Mind Over Math does is reinforce the classroom learning with much needed one-on-one teaching. The math tutors are able to address specific challenges for individual students, and help them learn at their own speed. My son may never have a 95 average in calculus, but because of Mind Over Math, he is achieving the highest math grades he has ever had in his high school career.

My daughter is in grade 9, and math used to be her worst subject. She decided to enroll in Mind Over Math simply because her older brother was going, and she could tag along. Before long, math became her favourite subject, and she no longer went to class worried about upcoming tests. This program helped give her confidence in her own abilities, and her grades have steadily risen since she first started the program. This is a program that really works.”
-Susan G

“Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to let you know that my grandaughter’s math went from 63% to 80% on her final report card. We are very pleased with the result and want to thank you for having this program and for the dedication of your staff.”
-Josie M

“Hi Kevin,
I want to express my thanks and gratitude for the great help that you gave to Elizabeth in her last term of grade 12- by the way- she did very well in her finals!

Again- thank you all for always being professional and accomodating as well as providing Elizabeth with such high quality tutoring.

Please pass this on to your team.”
-Lynne and Elizabeth