What they are

  • Review and practice on topics that commonly give students difficulty
  • 3-hour courses on the last 3 Saturdays before Christmas Break

Who they’re good for

  • Students feeling less than confident on any of the topics offered

Good to know

  • No more than 6 students at one time.
  • Will be offered again in the spring.
  • $55.00/course

Available for

  • Constructing and Graphing Linear Equations (Grade 9)
  • Factoring (Grade 10)
  • Solving Systems of Linear Equations (Grade 10)
  • Triangle Trigonometry (Grade 11)
  • Trigonometric Functions (Grade 11)
  • Constructing and Graphing Quadratic Functions (Grade 11)
  • Sketching and Graphing Polynomial and Rational Functions (Grade 12 Advanced Functions)
  • Derivatives (Grade 12 Calculus) Note: not available until spring